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Not Sure If Your Taxes Are Right? Let An Accounting Firm Take A Second Look

Preparing your own taxes, especially if you are a small business owner, can get quite tricky. Even if you sail through the paperwork or software with ease, you might forget something and have to file an edited and updated form. If you want to be absolutely sure your taxes are correct, you can always have an accounting firm take a second look. Here is how "second look" services are generally handled.

Walk-in or Schedule an Appointment

When you just want an accountant to give your tax forms the once-over, you can either walk in at your convenience, or make an appointment. Making an appointment, especially during the height of the tax season (February to April) will ensure that you get in and out of the office quickly. If you find an accounting firm that is not so busy or a quieter time of the day (e.g., early morning), then you may be able to walk in, get the service and walk out in a short time.

Discuss Your Biggest Concerns with the Accountant

Your forms could all be in order, but that does not mean you have all the right boxes checked, so to speak. Discuss those "boxes" with the accountant and he or she will focus his/her attention on those areas of your forms. If everything looks good, you are free to file. If the areas of concern are disconcerting to the accountant, then you may need to revisit them. At this point, you could hire the accountant to redo your taxes, or you could try to fix these areas yourself and then have the accountant review them again.

The Cost of the "Second Look" Services

Usually, when all you need is a pair of accounting eyes to take a second look, this service is often offered free of charge. If you call ahead to make an appointment, you can ask the receptionist if there is a charge for this service. If there is a charge, he/she may also be able to tell you what it is. If you do not want to pay for the service, you can find other firms and tax preparation services that do not charge for it. In any case, the charge is usually minimal in order to encourage you to consider more accounting services and becoming a regular client with that accounting firm. Otherwise, you could just secure an accountant on an as-needed basis too. To find out more, speak with a business like Herman & Cormany.